With a positive mindset and lots of thought process I can foresee my existence. Just like any other kid I was super excited, hyperactive to show my presence to the world. But to get me in this virtual world the most important thing was my name. First my name need to be registered to bring me in this world.So it was decided Vaibhav and Vaishali will be Partners or say "Face of Me". But I surely needed more support. And to my growth I have few more, who were ready to give me their love ,care and support . So now no question of looking back and an LLP is decided.

Now comes the question for my name. Lot many searches were done in almost all the languages. Dictionaries were read, google search was done, people survey was done, Meetings were held, lots of messages were exchanged but all efforts in vain..... they wanted a meaningful yet catchy n stylish name. After all my name was the face of me. Lots of meaningful words were searched , then translated in all languages and then rejected. As few were tough to pronounce and few lack the style or that oomph content. Lots of efforts were done so it was decided to sleep over as nothing good was coming out. So again a delay for me to come and see the world. Is it really so tough to get a good name,how long will they take to decide,what if I didn't get a good name....lots of if n buts were there in my mind. I was again sad as my existence is delayed. Why to sleep over ,why not a priority....? 

Being hyper reactive I never realized I was the only priority for them so even though they wanted to sleep over but the thought process was still going on. After lots of No's n Ok's it was decided let's take the initials of both the partner and create a name out of it. And I was named as "V2G"...Vaibhav+Vaishali=V2 and G for Garments . I am so happy as my name is unique yet easy and meaningful yet stylish. So now the company is "V2G World LLP" and Brand name is "V2G" that is me.

So I "V2G" welcomes you in my new creative world i.e "V2G World LLP" which is "Creative by Mind & Soul".Both my partners have collaborated their creative minds and soul for me. I am happy to grow with them. Both of them are ready to prove that you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. It's never too late to focus on your dreams. Just follow your dreams !!